Welcome to Edenhall Estate, a much loved family home which has been in the Holden-Hindley family for four generations. Throughout that time each of us have shared a core set of family values but a timely vision for the future of this remarkable place.

Edenhall is unique for many reasons, not least of all it's position in the heart of the Eden Valley. Bordered by the Rivers Eden and Eamont and nestled only minutes from both the reknowned Lake District and the Pennine Fells, the sights of which surround us throughout the seasons.

Farming and sporting persuits have remained at the core of Eden Hall throughout history and still do today, that said in recent times we've undertaken significant works all with the intent of safeguarding the future for the next generation. This has involved the development of several initiatives which open up the magic of Edenhall for others to experience. From a series of event packages available for both private and corporate affairs, to weddings within the grounds and sporting persuits.

We've also been hard at work lovingly restoring a host of boutique accommodation available to hire, each place renovated with design and purpose at their core. If you happen to see a chap with a couple of wayward dogs and a friendly deer called Florence do stop and say hello, I'd be more than happy to show you around.

Very best,

Mark A Holden-Hindley

All the farms and properties at Edenhall have benefitted from continuous maintenance and upkeep, always respecting the local materials and environment whilst preserving the heritage and characteristics of the estate and the Eden Valley. We have a specialist dry stone waller on site to ensure the walls at Edenhall are constantly maintained using the traditional stone and methods preserving this increasingly rare look of the landscape.

Mr Holden-Hindley Snr always has had a great passion for wildlife and conservation and this passion has been carried forward to the next generations. With areas protected as wetlands, wildflower strips sown, native trees planted, hedges layed for nesting birds and insects.

With our environmental impact an ever present concern the Estate has put in place two large biomass installations with which the majority of properties and offices are fed from.

The Courtyard, Edenhall

The Courtyard
Edenhall Estate, Edenhall
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